0n Kukeoja Guest House there are 4 double rooms and 2 triple rooms.

The hall accommodates up to 60 people.

Check-out at 12.00 hrs.


1 person, breakfast included 25€
1 person, no breakfast 20€
 Children under 5 free
Parties, birthdays, reunions
 Hall rent for 30 people 230€
 Hall rent for 60 people 280€
 The rent of the whole house 550€

Accomodation by booking only

Catering on agreement
Discounts may apply for stays longer than 3 nights, please enquire.

In case of larger events and festivals prices are upon mutual agreement

In the house there is a music centre and WiFi.
Balconies, terrace, barbecue facilities.

Kukeoja Guest Gouse enforces the right to change the prices.